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Myanmar, situated between north latitude 09° 30’ to 28° 31’ and east longitude 92° 10' to 101° 11’, is naturally rich with a vast expanse of fertile lands, in the form of valleys, plateaus, hills and ranges. Total estimated agricultural area is about 53.78 million acres according to 2004-2005 statistics.

Due to differences in climates and elevations, various types of tropical and semi-temperate multi-crops, seasonal vegetables and fruit-bearing plants can grow healthily on Myanmar soil.

Fresh water ponds and lakes being prevalent in Myanmar, fish and prawn breeding can be carried out effectively.

Being abundant in arable fertile lands, sufficient in human resources and favoured by climate, we intend to raise large scale agricultural and livestock farms and immense ranches, with an ultimate aim of partially supporting the global needs for food.

Nowadays, energy is as important as food but in the near future, food will definitely become the primary and most essential factor for the survival of the whole world outweighing the energy.

So we are striving to raise large farms (100,000 acres each) of agricultural plantations, livestock and ranches, in every possible area in Myanmar and in the neighboring countries as well. Huge amount of investment and capital-intensive ways and means will be utilized in this sector for the whole people of Myanmar regardless of different races and religions. We will cooperate with real experts and local specialists for this business and state-of-the-art technology will also be applie.

Moreover, associated industries to produce preserved and tinned meat and vegetables will also be founded, the result of which would lead to export of the surplus products after securing sufficient domestic consumption.

Based on humanitarianism, our project’s noble aim is to upgrade the “quality of life” of every human being to become healthy, happy and secure. Rather than the sole profit for the company, we promise sharing it especially with the under-developed countries facing the food problem and with those suffering from natural disasters from time to time.

For the benefit of the whole continent, we intend to invest 9 billion US dollars for the above-mentioned mega-projects consisting of agricultural farms, livestock breeding and associated finishing industries.

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