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Objectives: -

We aim to provide the people with
(1) food
(2) medicine and
(3) accommodation.

Our goal is to set up humanitarian foundations, and give assistance to needy people. We are not concerned with any religion, organization, national races or any political groups. Humanitarian assistance will be rendered with selfless spirit, providing homeless people with secured hades.

We hope and believe that all human beings of the world, living in all countries, islands and regions shall receive our non-discriminated contributions. We aim to protect people from communicable disease and natural disaster, with the aids of modern technologies, initiate infrastructure project in developing countries, set up agricultural sector and build industrial plants which are vital in the creation of job opportunities.

We plan to invest 100% in this humanitarian foundation.

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Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd.


#17(A), 148th Street, Kyauk Myaung, Tamwe Township, 
Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma).

Tel: (+95-1) 295074, H.P: (+95-9) 5169807, Fax: (+95-1) 294966



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